Mirasys VMS Experiences?

I did a search here and found them mentioned a couple of times without a lot of detail. I just encountered a large system installed within the last year (USA). I was surprised to see a VMS that I had never heard of powering this many cameras and working this well. Anyone have any feedback, pro or con? I don't want to disclose too many details as it might inadvertently reveal the end user so I am not going to say how large is large. It's "large" - not huge. : ).

Chris, Mirasys has been around a long, long time, just with not much American presence. That is beginning to change as they have been building a US based organization in the past 2 years or so (based in Utah).

I've never heard anything particularly bad about it but it's never been big enough to warrant covering that much. If they continue gaining ground or interest, we would be open to reviewing / testing them.

Mirasys is a good system that has some really good features for the price. It does have some quirks, and the usual challenge of European makers having a certain design philosophy that doesn't always mesh with North American expectations.

1, thanks, what specifically in the European 'design philosophy' that may not mesh with NA expectations?

For example, the login was not initially encrypted. They expected that to be done through a VPN if logging in remotely. Where as in NA for small businesses that can't afford to manage VPN equipment, access is usually setup with port forwards, so the login should be encrypted just as a standard measure. They have since implemented encryption fro the login process.


We have been using Mirasys for 9 years now. We love it, and our customers love it. The size of our installs range from 2 cameras all the way up to 4000 cameras distributed over a large area. We have a few installs as well on critical infrastructure. It works well and reliably, with all of the enterprise features our customers expect. One of our installs is a motorway traffic control centre for the main traffic artery into a capital city. We use virtualisation at Windows level as well as Mirasys failover servers. We use Video walls, distribution of video to stake holders, analytics (Axis/Citilog as well as Mirasys internal), Very regular manual and scheduled PTZ control along with lots of video export and direction of emergency responses. The 4000 camera project is a large retailer and it works equally well there. It's super easy to use and it just works.

Mirasys themselves are based in Finland. They are easy to deal with. They take their quality seriously, so if you have an issue they deal with it in a direct fashion.

John, I understand you have disclosure requirements about who we are, should we praise a product. We are an integrator/installer company named Multisys based in Ireland. We are also an Axis gold partner and won partner of the year last year with Axis in Ireland. We have good relationships with both manufacturers as we like their products. Is this sufficient detail?

Chris, if you have specific questions perhaps I could answer them? Or put you in touch.



Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear.

How would you compare Mirasys to major VMS vendors you might have used?


I'm pleased to make your acquaintance here on IPVM! Indeed, we (Mirasys) do not yet possess a significant North American presence/visibility, but we're working hard on changing that. We've been an avid follower of IPVM for years, and this discussion prompted us to reply now.

We do have both smaller and larger - including "huge" - customer installations (up to the 20 000+ camera range) in different parts of the World. Our North American installations are, indeed, not yet in the category of "huge", as Chris correctly notes.

There may be some aspects to our VMS software that is not necessarily matching exactly what might be expected on the U.S. market. However, in terms of current functionality, there's probably very little that an U.S. customer or integrator might still miss. And as we're constantly working on product improvements and new features, we're in the process of addressing also any remaining unaddressed U.S. market requirements that might still exist. While our general features can match our biggest competitors’, we believe that our product and approach provides also competitive advantages.

Overall system security is close to our hearts, and while our original installation environments (the company was established, after all, already in 1997) were mostly private networks, expansion required extending the private networks directly or via VPNs. Since those times the product has changed and meets the needs of various corporate, industrial, financial institution as well as governmental customers.

For further details regarding our product, don't hesitate to contact us. Our U.S. website and local contact information can be found on https://usa.mirasys.com

Thanks again, for the interest in Mirasys. Thank you also, Eoghan, for the kind words, and “Undisclosed 1 Integrator” for your observations.

Hi All,

We are grateful for your interest in Mirasys, and we look forward to continued growth within both North and South America.

As stated Mirasys USA was established in 2014 with our Head Quarters in Utah. Prior to 2014 Mirasys supplied to a number of local US partners, who purchased directly from Helsinki, Finland.

Much of the past two years has been learning from our partners and developing our software to meet the requests of our partners, and end users. To date we have been successful in a number of vertical markets such as: Hotel & Gaming, Education, Retail, Oil & Gas (including convenience stores), Logistics & Transport.

Our local (US) Team has been designed to best support growth within the USA as everyone in our team has worked as an integrator. Some have additional experience in distribution and working for other industry manufacturers. Additionally, we have a wonderful development team that has supported our consistent feature requests. Delivery of these powerful enhancements have confirmed to our partners and end users that they are being heard.

Mirasys also has a dedicated IP camera driver team; with support of nearly 2400 camera models. Our list is quite detailed and shows every feature we support from every camera. It can be found by clicking on the following link: http://extranet.mirasys.com/webfm_send/21250. We believe in the benefits of a “Native” integration and the flexibility of being an Open VMS.

We appreciate your interest in Mirasys and the previous comments.

Mirasys USA Team

An an integration partner, I will attest to the Mirasys US team's excellence and endeavors for support. IPVM staff can attest that I am not a Mirasys employee. :)