Mini-Dome Wall Installation

Have you ever seen a mini-dome recessed mounted in a wall? Are there accessories out there that support this?

I've seen recessed cameras mounted vertically before, and there is no real trick needed other than confirming:

1) The image can be flipped 90 degrees, if needed. This is usually a setting in the camera, but might also be possible in a VMS.

2) The overall wall thickness supports the full depth of the camera unit. Typical stud frame and sheetrocked walls are 5" thick, but this includes 1" of sheetrock, 1/2" thick on both sides. This means the internal space is about 4" (the notional width of a 2X4 stud).

This is not much space to recess cameras in. Take for example the Axis M3014:

The body depth that protrudes into a wall is about 3". Once you add clearance for a network cable, this can get very tight inside a wall.

Also, the flip clips are meant to hold the camera in the hole parallel to the ground against an acoustic tile. Securing the camera in a hole may be a trick, and this could be what you meant by 'accessories that support this'.

In the case of the Axis camera, I would remove the clips, drill a 70mm hole (no bigger) and use something like a small bead of latex caulk around the recessed ring to keep the camera in place and stuck flush with the drywall.

The manufacturer may not warranty such an install position, but it can be done fairly easily.