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Mimosa Or Ubiquiti Wireless?

What is better for a large deployment back haul 2 miles away?

My wireless vendor is now pushing Mimosa.

If you are doing a backhaul at this distance, you definately want a dual channel/duplex solution with directional antennas. so you would probably want the "integrated" or "connectorized" solution (I do not know what your backhaul is) with 25+ db antennas (for 2 miles). Looks like $900 for the "integrated" radio solution. Of course this depends on the link and proximity to urban areas that may have quite a bit of interference in the 5 Ghz bands.

Looks like an interesting product with founders and headquarters in California. We do have a track record with Ubiquiti (previously used Tranzeo, which had supply issues, and seemed to stop development into MIMO arena), which always seems to work. The nanostation and airgrid are solid device links that seem to fit most applications and provide solid performance at a great price.

I recently deployed some AirFiber links (four links on towers) which seem to work well to this point. The interface is similar to the other radios. (Gone are the days when I was certified and installing Harris, Ceragon, and Alcatel high cost radios). They are $1000 MSRP, and are also quite bulky. I would bet the B5 "integrated" is comparable. I would just not want to "try" a crucial backhaul solution from a company with a limited track record at a similar price point. For a 2 mile link, you may find using 24 GHz over 5 GHZ would also be a benefit (interference/performance).

For any link where you need performance, support or uptime i would stay away from budget wireless options. Look at options from Red Line, Solectek, Siklu, or Cambium. You will pay more but there is a reason Carriers and enterprise use them as they work well.

If set up properly ubiquity is 100%. I agree Cambuim is better and will live longer and I tell the customer that. I don't serve tone steak on a hamburger budget. My customers get what they are willing to pay for.

Thanks for pointing out Mimosa. We hadn't heard of it before. Two things about it:

  1. It's not shipping until Summer/Fall. So if you're planning a deployment before then... Correction: backhaul is shipping, others are not.
  2. The cloud features of it are potentially interesting. I think if it amounts to cloud-based network management and it's free, it's a neat addition. Yes, you can run software with Ubiquiti and others to do this, but making it cloud based eliminates a lot of setup.

Also as far as not using Ubiquiti in a backhaul, I'm not sure that's the case anymore. There are a lot of reports of AirFiber working well (including one here). And Ubiquiti as a whole has remained an integrator favorite here (and elsewhere) for years. I don't think it's easy to discount them anymore.

My Distributor has Mimosa instock and shipping. I'm debating if I wanna be a $4000.00 test

dummy. I know air fiber works.

Oh sorry, I see the B5 aside from the compact is shipping. It's the APs and client side that isn't.

Looking forward to the b5-lite... Looks to be a good option on paper.

I've had great luck with Ubiquiti. Don't expect steller support... or any support really apart from forums and email answers that don't really give answers.

Basically it's do you want: Quality, Low Cost, or Support. You can only pick two.

Luckily, most of the Ubiquiti stuff is so easy or self-explanitory to setup, that if you have any wireless experience, you will figure it out. Honestly, at two miles, I really think the AirFiber may be overkill unless you need crazy speeds / throughput.

You said large deployment, so I'm not sure what your data rate requirements are. But seriously look at the 5GHz Nanostation (not the Loco, the other one). I havn't tested the new NanoBeam flying saucer looking thing yet, but it also looks good and should be the next "step up" for a bigger deployment needing faster speeds.

Depending on how mission critical this application is and the bandwidth requirements, I would pick from the UBNT gear myself. The question is, do you really need AirFiber vs NanoBeams? Since you already have experience and success with UBNT, why allow a distro to change your mind. Go with what you know, not the tech du jour that your salesmen is getting a spiff on.

We are Resellers of both Ubiquiti and Mimosa. Ubiquiti's airFiber or the new lower-cost airFiber 5x beat Mimosa on bandwidth, latency, jitter. Also, airFiber works much better under moderate to high RF interference. Worth noting that airFiber is the high-end line of Ubiquiti and very reliable and well-proven.

We had a number of customers send back Mimosa and they went with Ubiquiti airFiber. With recent new firmware, Mimosa is finally now more stable - but all this makes us very cautious on new products from Mimosa until they are proven.