Milestone W/ Hikvision Vs. FLIR


I have a client that is comparing our proposal which includes Milestone VMS and Hikvision cameras to a full FLIR system (cameras and recorders). Any comments on the FLIR system? Are the cameras comparable to Hikvision, does the FLIR software work properly? It is for a school environment, about 30 cameras.

Carlo, I am assuming when you say FLIR here, you mean conventional cameras, not thermal. FLIR's conventional cameras are typically Dahua OEMs and therefore are competitive with Hikvision.

Likewise, FLIR DVR / NVRs are typically Dahua OEMs and are therefore likely have less functionalities but lower cost than Milestone.

Yes, its FLIR non-thermal. I figured theya re OEMS.


You might want to counter with a second, lower tier proposal, which includes a Hikvision recorder, which would be more apples to apples. Then they can pick / see the difference between Milestone VMS and FLIR / Hik / Dahua recorder.

If it's me I go with HIK. I use FLIR on small residential jobs they do ok. I use HIK on larger jobs never replaced a camera with HIK...had to replace FLIR cameras twice on one home.