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Milestone Vs. Avigilon Cost Comparison

Does anyone have a full cost comparison over a long term, 3 or 5 years ideally, for Milestone Corporate vs. Avigilon?

It depends on a number of factors:

  • Version selected: If you are using Milestone Corporate, I am presuming you'll use the high end for Avigilon as well - their Enterprise. Both of their MSRP licensing fees are in the similar $300 range
  • Upgrade / software maintenance: Do you plan to upgrade the system over that period? Presuming yes, Milestone has an annual fee in the 15-20% of purchased price while Avigilon charges for individual major upgrades (like 4.x to 5.x)
  • Analog cameras: Are you using encoders for analog cameras? Milestone recently matched / bested Avigilion's encoder licensing discount.
  • Making a deal: How big is the system under consideration? 100 channels? 1000? more? The bigger it gets the more likely each company's reps will negotiate significant discounts to win the deal, e.g., Milestone might reduce maintenance costs, Avigilon might offer savings if you buy more of their hardware, etc.

Hope that helps to start. Let me know if you have feedback or can elaborate more on what the particulars are of the project you are looking at.

Looking for a comparison for how the two compare over a 5 year period based on their different pricing models as it relates to their SSA's. Using IP cameras, 300 camera count for the purposes of this exercise, and a dozen remotes sites.

Avigilon does not have an SSA. Milestone does (called SUP).

Let's say 300 cameras at $250 each. That's ~$75,000 up-front licensing cost, likely for both.

Over 5 years, say 60% more for Milestone SUP or another $40,000 or so.

During that same time, Avigilon will likely have at least 1 major new VMS release, probably 2. Assuming their current $335 per server upgrade, 2 upgrades x 15 servers x $335 is ~$10,000 for upgrades over 5 years.

I am going real rough here. It depends on negotiating / pay up front, etc. I also might be missing some details.

Axxon Intellect will cost you $60000 with free lifetime tech support and updates. Does the same. Even more.

Given the current political climate, I don't think many companies feel comfortable doing business with Russian companies

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the Milestone SUP is not mandatory after the first year for Corporate, as well Device driver updates are free even without an SUP. Support is not tied to an SUP as well.