Milestone Roadmap Through January 2017


More roadmap:

Everything is connected, except the Chinese wall separating Canon from Milestone:

"Online XProtect calculator" and "Online calculator v2".

I'm assuming this is some sort of bandwidth/storage/VMS version calculator?

They've been promising an H.264 calculator for years. This is what they have now:

Community - New logo?

Milestone, "just announced strategic initiatives to greatly enhance Milestone partner community engagement"

To accomplish this, Milestone will be taking these steps, among others:

  • Creating an Advisory Board with partners and customers on roadmap prioritization
  • Establishing a developer forum to strengthen the developer experience
  • Enhancing the SDK design and developing more documentation of the API
  • Expanding solution certifications to bolster reliability and ensure uniform quality
  • Building an online Milestone marketplace for partners to promote and sell their solutions
  • Introducing co-marketing programs to strengthen commercial collaboration

Article about Milestone strategy:

"Business “provolution” was used by Milestone CEO Lars Thingaard to describe how the company has evolved from product focus, to company focus to now community focus. Those that lead get to write the rule book. The concept is enticing, the promised business value is very cool, and the execution is uncertain."

If they only could do, not philosophize about who they think they are.

If they only could do, not philosophize...

Well the philosophy hasn't been all without result, for instance the merging of XProtect Express and XProtect Essential into XProtect Existential. ;)

"Building an online Milestone marketplace for partners to promote and sell their solutions"

Always got the feeling they wanted the list of integration's but did not really encourage or support the developments. Makes sense to help get as many apps to market as possible, I think the issue is going to be to insure they all work properly since most small developments dont necessary have good documentation.

Seems Milestone aren't or cant keep up with their own integration requests either.

I see the value in the online marketplace if they can execute it well (i.e., easy to buy, works reliably, clear support). On the other hand, I am not sure they can pull it off as the inherent complexity involved is high. However, even if they simply made it easier to know what apps / offerings / add-ons they had, that could help differentiate themselves.

Axis has dreamed of that model for years but still has a rudimentary structure and no real marketplace.

More Huskys, Less Inventory sounds like an old Lite beer commercial.

The Milestone cult community in action:

More cowbell.

If Canon changes things, this is going to be quite awkward to walk back:

More info:

The VMS provider will hold a competition at MIPS 2017 where software developers will share “successes, breakthroughs and products.” The products will be judged at MIPS 2017. Palmquist said Milestone will “tap into developers in Silicon Valley and at universities.”

More info:

Milestone Systems unveiled several strategic and solutions initiatives at its 11th annual Milestone Integration Platform Symposium, which as company CEO and President Lars Thinggaard put it, “are designed to introduce non-linear disruption to the security community.”

Because linear disruption is so 2010.

MIPS 2016 video:

Lol, the first 'community' member they show is from Axis *facepalm*

I see Eck, Thinggaard, Palmquist, Facepalm.

I think the first person shown is Brad Eck, he's from Bosch.

Yes, you are right, I meant identified. They do show a number of people but Axis is the first non Milestone identified, also appears repeatedly.

This is certainly theatre but it is somewhat tone deaf to emphasize your corporate sibling in a video message about community.