Milestone POS Integration Help/Query.

Hi all,

I've read the following:

In my case, using milestone transact, the tills are set to 'send' data to the cctv server on a specific IP/port. Milestone only supports 'connecting in' to the tills using the TCP client connector. Serial is not an option. So there's a bit of a mis-match.

I'm not sure if it is possible to set the tills to allow incoming connections. Is there any kind of device available that can act as a middle man? Ideally the device would 'sniff' the data from the till and then allow transact to connect to it to pull the data in.

Are the tills serial or not?

Milestone does support serial transactions.

The tills are serial but they blue screen when set to use serial.

Tills are usually integrated into VMSes by push, not pull; it's more efficient than polling and requires only a small amount of memory.

Also, it makes it easier to associate or 'burn' the transaction into the correlated video.

Whose registers/model#?

I don't have the till make/model but either way it looks like they won't work with Milestone. Is there such a device that can sit in the middle?(listen on the port numbers and then relay the output to the VMS by allowing it to connect in over TCP)

How do the tills generate a printer output? Are they windows based? Another solution might be to use Milestone Screen Recorder?

Screen recorder is an option I didn't think of so I will definitely check that out!