Milestone No Updates In Over A Year!

Does anyone know when the new version of Milestone is due?

I have customers asking why they should pay for updates as they've not had any for over a year and they are reluctant to renew this year. Is anyone else having the same problem?

[Update: Milestone responds herein]

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So 2015 is being skipped. 2016 is planned for the near future. I spoke with Milestone this week and their plan is to release 2016 in the next few months.

Regarding customers paying for updates, that is a good point. I've asked Milestone if the 2015 skip is an aberration or if partners should expect a major new release now once every 2 years.

I have been inquiring about this too. I am not getting any affirmative answers. The 2016 update had better be impressive. Care Packs aren't offering a lot of value if there are no updates and the integrator is providing first tier customer support.

When I bought ONSSI I got version 6.0 of and a 1 year SUP. 14 months went by before they came out with version 6.5. Cut and paste from e-mail:

ONSSI: Your plan was for one year.

Me: There was no release in that year, though.

ONSSI: That's correct.

Me: So what did my money buy me?

ONSSI: The ability to upgrade, had we come out with a version in that period. You opted not to renew your SUP, so...

Me: Well, it didn't seem like such a great deal last time, so... But, Ok, I'll sign up for another year.

ONSSI: Great. But you've expired past the grace period, and SUP's must be continuous, otherwise people could just buy them right before a release comes out. That would be unfair. I would have to backdate the SUP. Or you could just buy the product outright...

Me: With an another SUP that will get me a chance at an upgrade as long as you're not late releasing it?

ONSSI: Essentially, yes.

And this is why I have never have been a fan of the model Why VMS Annual Fees are Unfair, VMS Annual License Fees - Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

"Me: So what did my money buy me?

ONSSI: The ability to upgrade, had we come out with a version in that period."

Their SUP (called 'Current') is certainly not sold like this, or customers would pay for them at a much lower rate. How many people would pay for the 'ability' to upgrade, if they are not also assured that they can expect 2-3 each year?

The deal is that customers pay FOR UPGRADES (i.e. they collectively pay for the salaries of the manufacturers developers; to develop new stuff) - not simply to be in line holding expensive tickets for a show that got cancelled with no notice.

And OnSSI is acting like these people standing in the line with tickets actually paid to stand in line and should have no expectation of receiving anything of value beyond the ability to stand in the line looking stupid.

Epilogue: A couple of years after I refused to double down on another SUP, and largely forgotten how bad the whole policy was, I got this telling me it couldn't get any better!

Amnesty, even for hard-core non-gamblers like me?! Everyone who's ever been a customer?

This time I read the fine print, before, not after:

Pearl River, NY (November 12, 2013) – Enables Cost-Efficient Upgrade of Ocularis or NetDVMS, No Matter How Old It Is.

OnSSI has launched a unique promotion ...

Maybe they meant NetDVR as well, and might have even called to find out but I'm no sucker for abuse. I cashed out.

[Note: Milestone Employee]

A new release is coming soon and we are planning for an accelerated pace of releases moving forward.

Any plans to guarantee that when you buy a year SUP that you will get at least one update?

Our Milestone Care support service plans do not come with commitments to specific timing and frequency of future releases. We strive to ensure a continuous release of new products and in addition to that, we release new Device Pack updates about every second month.

Karl Erik,

I think Milestone should consider committing to one major release a year since Milestone does require customers to commit to paying annual fees or forced to pay substantially more for buying an upgraded version later.

"we release new Device Pack updates about every second month"

Correct me if I am wrong, but our understanding is that Device Packs are freely available. If so, how does that impact or justify spending on a CARE package?

Yes it is free, but an important part of our service mix. Device Packs are released every second month with support for new devices and functionality. We are planning for an accelerated pace of product releases in the future, which will go beyond the annual model. More info on that to come soon.

...we release new Device Pack updates about every second month.

Karl, I know it's a long shot, but any chance you could clarify whether Milestone has any legal obligation to ONSSI, and in particular in regards to continued availability of Milestone Driver Packs to ONSSI customers.


Milestone Systems' agreement with OnSSI has expired, but Ocularis users of version 4.2 and earlier are welcome to use device packs from Milestone. In case users need new Device Packs from Milestone, i.e. Device Pack 8.2, which was released after our agreement with OnSSI expired, they are available on our website for download. We have no agreement with OnSSI, which allows them to distribute our new Device Packs.

Just as long as "Accelerated pace of releases" means that the releases are missing being adequately and broadly tested prior to public release..

I'd rather more sparse updates than updates which have weird problems!

I don't really understand, you don't buy and keep SUP, then you are not paying for the time that Milestone are putting in to making the product better after you bought your version, so either pay for it (if you buy 5 years up front it's not bad) or Don't pay and just be happy with what you have and pay for the upgrade in four years by either A: doing the Opt In, or B: just re-buying the licence.

I'm fine with waiting, we have so many systems out there I'd rather slower, better tested updates.. looking forward to seeing if they take on H265 with 2016 :)

Michael, if you pay 5 years up front, how much more does that add to the cost of the original license? 50% more? Close to double?

adds around 50% of the software cost, but over the whole cost of the install it's nothing really, especially when I warn the guys I'm installing for what they are paying for and that they'll want to pay again in Five years..

From a computer background anything that's network connected needs to be on a support agreement/up to date with the latest version or it'll be come a liability with the hacking/Virus stuff, I never tell the sites that this is a once off situation, it's software, so like the Software on their PC's/Servers, it HAS to be upgraded/patched etc

"anything that's network connected needs to be on a support agreement/up to date with the latest version or it'll be come a liability with the hacking/Virus stuff"

So companies are not going to provide cybersecurity updates unless you pay them more to fix their cybersecurity flaws?

In video surveillance, the issue is more complicated because a number of companies don't charge for updates. And for those that do, Milestone's rivals, like Exacq and Genetec provide new notable releases multiple times per year.

yeah it's the choice you get to make, Voting with your feet is the way to go

Yes, exacqVision does use the same "maintenance agreement" model that provides access to updates. In our case, we have delivered new features every quarter on time for the last 14 quarters (3+ years). We feel timely releases are critical to maintaining faith in the value of our software subscription agreements.

Undisclosed 3's story is like something out of the movie Brazil.

Disclosure: I am the product manager for exacqVision.

Are your driver updates dependent upon one being on a current plan?

Undisclosed 3's story is like something out of the movie Brazil...

Close, it was actually adapted from Kafka's The Trial.

Yes, support for new camera models is bundled in with other new features and bug fixes in our quarterly releases.

I'm sure everyone probably knows by now not to install Milestones first release of a new version? It normally always takes a few more updates to become stable.

...everyone probably knows by now not to install Milestones first release of a new version?

Yes, correct. Though this applies to most all software, from most all vendors.

The only people that can be excused for running x.0 versions of a package are:

  1. First Time Buyers
  2. Desperate users being lured by some promised bug fix or feature
  3. Fools

Update: Milestone XProtect 2016 Released

Also, now Milestone plans to release 3x a year:

Less stuff in warehouse?

Like what? Huskies? Boxed software? Licenses???