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Milestone 2013 Critical Update

Just got the following email from Milestone:

Due to a critical error discovered in the 2013 product versions of XProtect® Essential, XProtect® Express, XProtect® Professional, and XProtect® Enterprise, Milestone recommends that you update all installations running one of the above mentioned products to the latest service release of the products as soon as possible!

Download page here.

This comes one day after I updated our test server to 8.5b. Don't make me go through that again :(

Looks like you're gonna have to.

Ari, thanks for sharing. Do they explain why? What's the specific issue?

"Due to changes introduced in the 2013 product versions of XProtect Essential, XProtect Express, XProtect Professional, and XProtect Enterprise it is possible, in rare circumstances, that a licensed system will revert to trial mode. This will cause recordings older than 5 days to be deleted due to the retention limitations while in trial mode."

So, yeah. Pretty big deal.

So the cure is worse than the poison?

Any word on ONSSI needing it also?