Milestone CEO 'Dares' To Go To Silicon Valley And Release An NVR

Milestone's CEO declares:

I would like to think that Milestone dares, and we also dare to lose, and when we do, we make sure to fail fast! It has happened a few times. But we have also won, because we dared to be bold. Five years ago, we went to Silicon Valley, not just for quick visit but to establish an actual business unit to be close to where the technology is, and from where tech trends originate. We called it Incubation & Ventures, an innovation center with focus on exciting technologies across software, hardware and cloud services. To us, this was about innovation but also about disrupting ourselves and the market in which Milestone operates. One of the products that came out of Incubation & Ventures was Husky, a product series of network video recorders, which we created together with partners. [Emphasis Added]

If I had not read Milestone's CEO book, I would have reasonably concluded he was parodying corporate speak but, alas, Milestone's CEO genuinely thinks being the (last?) surveillance manufacturer to release a me-too NVR series classifies as daring.

Milestone is obviously a strong VMS offering but this type of claim is strange...

Wow, he's done it again. In a new Milestone blog post, he makes the same bizarre point:

 A couple of years ago, we decided to create a sandbox for our innovation team. We set them up as a company within a company and told them “you’re in charge of your own destiny.” We called them the Innovation Business Unit. We gave them their own budget, their own employees and their own location in Silicon Valley. And trusted them to come up with new, ground-breaking ideas.

It worked. They delivered two ideas in three years: Milestone’s Husky Network Video Recorder that transformed our business by enabling us to enter the hardware appliance segment. [emphasis added]

We monitor Milestone fairly closely yet I have no idea what Milestone's CEO does, outside of crazy claims like this and lying about the planned IPO...

Wish I would of got that job, would of been half way done with three years of work on the first day.

They delivered two ideas in three years... what is the second idea? I see the mention of the husky NVR, I build servers a few servers a month, procure servers, trouble shoot servers that turned into a ghosts etc...but I am curious what the second idea is/was. 

AI?, Analytics? an office in Silicon Valley?

Signed:  No time to read the whole milestone declaration link.

The other idea was... VSaaS, which is now Arcules.

I don't know Milestone's CEO is writing for but it must be for people who have no understanding about the industry whatsoever.

Let’s not forget the second incubee:

They delivered two ideas in three years: Milestone’s Husky Network Video Recorder...and Arcus, a new concept to provide a cloud-based enterprise video surveillance service. Arcus is a great idea, but it was outside Milestone’s core business model, so we turned the team into a startup...

...and then changed the name to Arcules and spun them off to compete directly against their core competency:

Milestone Disrupts Milestone With Arcules