Milestone CEO 'Dares' To Go To Silicon Valley And Release An NVR Series

Milestone's CEO declares:

I would like to think that Milestone dares, and we also dare to lose, and when we do, we make sure to fail fast! It has happened a few times. But we have also won, because we dared to be bold. Five years ago, we went to Silicon Valley, not just for quick visit but to establish an actual business unit to be close to where the technology is, and from where tech trends originate. We called it Incubation & Ventures, an innovation center with focus on exciting technologies across software, hardware and cloud services. To us, this was about innovation but also about disrupting ourselves and the market in which Milestone operates. One of the products that came out of Incubation & Ventures was Husky, a product series of network video recorders, which we created together with partners. [Emphasis Added]

If I had not read Milestone's CEO book, I would have reasonably concluded he was parodying corporate speak but, alas, Milestone's CEO genuinely thinks being the (last?) surveillance manufacturer to release a me-too NVR series classifies as daring.

Milestone is obviously a strong VMS offering but this type of claim is strange...

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