Milestone As SMS???

One of local security integrator is offering Milestone as a SMS? Did you seen (or) involved in a project where Milestone act as SMS?

By SMS, you mean Security Management Software / System? In other words, Milestone acting as the head-end for video, access, intrusion, etc.

I could see that happening. Milestone is neither a PSIM nor an access control provider, but they do have a fair amount of advanced management features and increasing access control integration. Related: Genetec and Milestone Access Tested

Integrator says that lenel is integrated with Milestone so it can act as front-end SMS. I don't how much control we will get from milestone to lenel! Whether we can do all the functionality of lenel through milestone corporate/entr?? OR only limited control receive door open/close messages along with access messages???

I've seen a few central station's try to use Milestone as an SMS platform. It never really worked exactly as they expected. I don't think that is any direct fault of Milestone's, it's just that VMS software is ultimately different from event handling and automation software.