Exacq Still Broken But Milestone Adds Full Avigilon Support

Exacq broke Avigilon support and evidently has not plans to rectify it.

However, now Milestone, with their most recent Device Pack (7.3), lists new support for Avigilon cameras.

We did a quick test. Take a look in this screencast:

This seems like a good competitive move. With Avigilon systems more common than ever, having the ability to fully take over an installation of their cameras without having to use server side VMD makes sense.

I was able to use them on exacq 5.8 last year with little issue

interesting.......... thanks for the info...... some times we hate just to hate.... lol

it does make sense not to support competitions cameras.

Seth, the 'breaking' / removal happened prior to the Tyco acquisition, so it looks more likely that Exacq did this independently of Tyco.

Tyco broke not Exacq... the big boy no play well with others.......

Take Your Company Over will desimate this VMS like all the other companies it has bought.....

I give it 3 years max...............

Great. I'll test if the encoders work too.