Microsoft Surface Pro In Surveillance?

I recently tried a Surface Pro for a few minutes, and I was tentatively impressed. I expected it to be clunkier or buggy, but it actually ran relatively well. The only surveillance app it had installed on it was Genetec's Security Desk, which ran without issue with multiple 720p/1080p cameras running. There was slight choppiness when it was pulling a full 1080p stream in fullscreen, but that was all I saw. As far as general use, I thought its handwriting support was nice, and worked more smoothly than some others I've tried. Everything else was like being at a Windows PC.

So it made me curious, has anyone followed these devices, have any plans to deploy them, either end users or installers?

I could see it having potential as an install tool, since you can access the full web interface or client software, including ActiveX. Of course, two major drawbacks: no Ethernet (would need to use a USB adapter), and no power out (so you'd need a PointSource or similar).

And I think many IT departments would rather support Windows than iOS/Android for mobile security forces, so there's that.

Of course, it is Windows 8, which seems to be exceedingly unpopular around here, so that might rule it out for some.

Here's a good review of the Surface Pro.

Here's the thing, the SP is basically a touchscreen laptop. You'd expect it to do anything a regular laptop can do. The only noteworthy thing about it is that it's sold by Microsoft. MS has traditionally NOT competed with their hardware channels on standard PC/laptop platforms.

The SP sounds like Microsoft did a good job overall with the hardware, but it's not *impressive*, it's just a laptop with a touchscreen. More +1 than revolutionary.

I think Microsoft is being possibly a little bit deliberately confusing. Using the "Surface" name on both of these products is like comparing an iPad to a MacBook Air. They're totally different platforms.

I'd give it a +2, because every Windows-based touchscreen laptop/tablet I've used did not work this smoothly. They all had issues. They hung when changing from portrait to landscape. I don't have any objective proof, just a gut feel that this works better because the hardware is made for the OS. WHO KNEW! Oh, urm, Apple, I guess.

I will agree on the confusion with the Surface/Surface Pro. It's bizarre to lump them under the same name.