Microsoft Buys LinkedIn - What Do You Think?

Everyone's favorite (or least favorite as the case may be) tech company, Microsoft is buying LinkedIn.

I think LinkedIn is an important site for the video surveillance industry, especially for marketing (e.g., see: LinkedIn's Emergence as a Video Surveillance Marketing Power), though it has failed on the discussion / content side for our industry.

What do you think? Will Microsoft make LinkedIn better?

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With what I seen in windows 10 Microsoft is no longer interested in software , but has taken on a role of data mining it's end users, rather than protecting against it has become the malware. I know this sounds misguided and conspiracy laden, but I opted out moments ago.

"We’ve closed your account.

Your LinkedIn account is now closed. Although you no longer have access to it, it’ll take a few weeks for your public profile to disappear from search engines."

Considering Microsoft's failures in social media (anyone use that Socl account? No?) I am not sure they are visionaries leading LinkedIn to a brighter future.

LinkedIn is marginally useful even now. I hope, but don't expect, this improves with Microsoft owning the site.

It is a good thing for LinkedIn. They could not find a way to make it run. All these changes and attempts to create a "social crm" from it are failed. Maybe MS can do something useful with it.

If Microsoft can successfully blend LinkedIn with DynamicsCRM that would be interesting, and a product I would like to try. However, most often when a larger company buys a smaller company, the smaller company does not improve. Microsoft will squeeze whatever juice they can (as someone mentioned earlier, data) and likely add very little to the product. I find value in LinkedIn so I hope I am wrong.

I second this. DynamicsCRM integration would be a great use of it. Unfortunately, the user data-mining mentioned above is what makes it such a great idea.

Let me get onto BING and see if my IE browser will reach my POS (not point of sale) CRM from Microsoft....but not likely though. Oh well, at least someone made some money.

hopefully they will fix their horrendous user interface

I was just starting to use LinkedIn to research customers/people I was going to meet with. For example, if I was to meet with XYZ company I would do a search on their company and take a look at the employees and their roles.

I had a paid account, but lower level, only $30 per month which I think is still expensive.

Boom! LinkedIn started limiting the amount of searches I could do unless I paid for a $60 / month account. I immediately started reaching my search limit within 5 days of the start of a new month. This meant I had to wait 25 days before I could do another meaningful search.

I cancelled my paid account. Boom back at ya.

You would really think a "social" site would to create an environment in which users "lived" on the site and it became ingrained in the process of their daily lives, in this case work.

But NO! LinkedIn is so incredibly short-sighted that they limit your use of the site and prevent it from becoming useful. Unless of course you pay a pretty serious fee.

The strange thing is, I was comfortable paying $30/month for what I got. I also regularly used advertising, posted job ads, and would have been totally comfortable paying for other services.

Not now. Goodbye LinkedIn. You could have been great, but you somewhere you really got lost.

IMO anyways.