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'Covert' Metal Detectors

I have received a unique request from a customer: Minimizing or eliminating the appearance of metal detectors, but still having them. Has anyone tried to do this, and had any success? Are there manufacturers of metal detectors that can do this?

Andrew, is the application for an entranceway? Like so:

If not, can you briefly describe who or what you are trying to detect metal on?

Yes, so there is a big entrance atrium, and the customer doesn't want the appearance of metal detectors to take away from the aesthetics of the atrium. Are manufacturer's willing to discuss or are able to modify the detectors to have them not be a "door way" through?

Andrew, thanks for confirming and elaborating.

I don't know, but I'll send this discussion out and see what others have to recommend.

I suspect one challenge will be the relatively narrow width of these detectors. I wonder if they can be made wider / taller without sacrificing appropriate accuracy?

Exactly, can the width be adjusted? What about the overhead component? Could the design by adjusted in some other way to accomodate a less "secure" look?

We have not, but have seen them put in locations where the doorway appeared to have been made for that metal detector to be placed within so it didn't look as bad, instead of most locations where there is a big open area with a with a table on either side of the large metal detector. The tables keep people from going around, because tables can't be jumped over or moved and they are really strong, just kidding.