Mercury 1501 Controller

Dear Team,

Is Mercury EP 1501 a single door controller only? What is the difference between EP 2500 and EP1501.

In the data sheet EP 1501 is a single door controller, which support 17 doors, what does it means? Anybody can help?

The 1501 is a single door controller which supports 17 doors with expanders.

"The EP1501 is expandable up to 8 downstream SIO controllers and up to (16) MR51e network ready door controllers for a total of 17 doors"

Here is the cutsheet with a example diagram with expander options.

The EP2500 is a controller only and does not have onboard door control. You must use expanders even for a single door.

The 'two door' version of the EP1501 is named EP1502.

All of this discussion should be disclaimed that Mercury sells hardware through reseller partners, and both the part number nomenclature and controller support may vary based on the resell agreement.

In addition to what's already been said, the EP 1501 (and the MR51e expanders) are unique in the fact that they are POE enabled.

PoE powered controllers are hardly 'unique'. Maybe you mean 'unique' among Mercury offerings, but there are several controllers from a variety of vendors that are PoE powered.

Unique among the products under discussion(2500,1501,1502).