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IR Measurement Tools Besides Coherent Laser Check?

Is there any other recommended tool besides the Coherent LaserCheck ?



Hernan, do you want something better, cheaper or? Please clarify.

Some other option, what is the specific feature to look for?

Hernan, you tell me. What are you looking for?

When we investigated this a few years ago, there was not many options. The only other we found was Gigahertz-Optik but that was 6x the price of the Coherent one and had multiple parts. It might be excellent. I don't know but, for our purposes in measuring basic IR light levels, the Coherent one was good enough.

just the wavelenght?

Wavelength Range 400-1064 nm

Hernan, please elaborate. What about wavelength? You want a meter that measures across the entire range of 400-1604nm or?


I can't find in my local market this specific device. I'd like to know what to look for in a tool to measure IR lighting.

I asume that the wavelenght sensitivity is a most, al least from 800nm up to 1000nm (IR led light).

The device is a power meter, not a luxometer, right?

Thanks again


Regarding your local market, for Coherent:

A luxmeter is a type of power meter that is calibrated / restricted to visible light (e.g., ~400 - 700nm).

The Coherent unit has a range of 400 - 1064nm but the user can specify / configure the target area (i.e., 850nm for IR). From our original report:

This item is also available thru Anchor Optics (a division of Edmunds Optical), $425, Credit card, International shipping available

Thanks Rukmini