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Maximum Frame Rates That Can Be Achieved In Playback At Different Resolutions And Hardware

What is the maxium amount of frames a 3mp H264 camera can playback smoothly ( witout jumping frames) using say an 3Ghz i7 Intel cpu from an SSD drive capable of reading at 500MB/s. ?

( The actual camera is recording at 15fp/s H264, but there is an option to speed this up to 32x speed. Actual file size of a single compressed frame is 100kb)

Hi Steven, can you clarify a little bit on this?

Is the issue that you are trying to play back video at 32x speed but frames are being dropped? Or something else?

I don't think most (if any) VMSes play back all frames when sped up to 32x (or 16 or 8x even). On a 15FPS stream that would equate to 480 FPS, and that's impractical for an operator to watch, so frames are normally dropped.

Hi Ethan,

Two Reason why I ask.

1) I am curious to know the maxmium possibility. As VMSes specify how many frames can be recorded per second per NVR/DVR but not maxium playback rate.

2) Smooth playback even at high frame rate is easier to identify an incident and is more "fun" to watch! when you are playing back video I think it is important for there to be a guarenteed consistency in frame rates at whatever speed you choose. One jump of frames , you could miss what you are looking for!

and yes my frames are being droped even at 4x speed and getting worse as you go higher in speed. The problem is much less noticable with 1.3mp camera or anolag. It is quite possibly the fault of the VMS but it would be good to have a guide on average what you can expect with a certain spec PC.