Master List - Security Industry Recruiters

I'd like to build a list of security focused recruiters. Please suggest names but limit them only to recruiters who regularly place candidates at security manufacturers or integrators.

Here's the list of 14 so far:

Additionally, we will calling these recruiters to better understand their capabilities and familiarity with the security industry.

Chris Staniforth ALC Consulting

Hers' all the members of the biggest firm I know: Security, Search and Consulting (SSC).

Bill McQuade Final Image

Alan Chamberlain Beneva Group

Gus Downing

While he specializes in Retail on the LP / Security end user side he also places a substantial amount of people in the SI & MFR segments as well

Kevin Spagone Reitman Security Search


This may be a record. Everyone is posting undisclosed!

Alan Chamberlin at Beneva Group

Noel Glacer at Answerquest

George Robert McCaffery at McCafferty McCabe & Assoc

Don Agee at ARG

Harlan Katz and Associates

If you have any experience working with any recruiter - good or bad - can you email and/or

Carlton is working on a review of recruiters, and this would be helpful.

Tom Verzuh SCW Consulting

Hi John

Try John Woolf SSR

These deal with UK and Middle East



Thanks everyone. I've added in the other names.

Not EXACTLY sure what deliverable you're working on here but....a useful addition to your report for those new to using recruiters may be a synopsis of the "rules of engagement". Like, is there a written or industry standard acceptance dictating the use of multiple recruiters? In real estate, its a faux pas to use multiple realtors to find you a home as an example. Just some general rules of thumb.

That's a good point. In our upcoming report we will share some best practices of working with recruiters as well as a profile of each recruiter.

If you or anyone has other advice on working with recruiters, please share! Thanks for bringing this up.