Master List - Security A&E / Consultant

We are putting together a master list of security consultants / architects & engineers (A&Es), similar to what we have done for recruiters and manufacturer reps.

The main qualification we are looking for is people / companies that prepared at least 4 Specifications in video surveillance or access control in the last year.

In this list, we do not want to include people who do generic consulting or guard services or your buddy who sometimes gives advice on cameras. Also, anyone who installs or sells products may not be on this list as we are focusing on 'pure' consultants/A&Es.

Make your suggestions below. Please include any details you know of people within a company or speciality of the firm.

I'm going undisclosed to avoid the wrath of any consultants that aren't happy about me singling out just this one guy, but Mike Anderson stays current on technology, and writes good docs. Especially if you're talking about higher end integration / PSIM type projects, I would recommend him.

Thanks for getting us started!

Hi, This is Dr. Munaf Al-Nidawi, CEO of Consquare Security Consultancy.

Consquare Security Consultancy was founded at 2007 in Dubai. We are one of the only five auditors authorized by Dubai police.


Thanks. Btw, I removed the phone number, etc. as I want to keep the post focused on websites / web contact information. Your website is now linked to your company name above.

As a disclosure, I am a Senior Engineer here at KJWW Engineering Consultants, We have a dedicated Technology Group in addition to our MEP and other groups/disciplines. We design security systems and many other technology systems for Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Corporate, Sports and Rec, as well as Government clients.

John, since this original post in 2013, KJWW has merged with TTG and is now IMEG,

ESC Gulf LLC ( based in Oman is a specialist in security risk management providing strategic technology-led solutions for government and commercial organisations in the Energy, Govt, Utilities, Transport and Critical Infrastructure and Corporate Sectors. We at ESC Gulf are independent security consultants conducting risk assessments, producing tender performance specifications, project supervision and conducting site acceptance tests and accepting projects on behalf of our clients.


Dionysios, this list is for pure consultants only, not for anyone who does integration / deployment.

I was going to stay out of this, but so far the list is pretty sparse.

Here is a list of security consulting/engineering firms that I feel meet the criteria that you have identified, listed in no particular order:

Kroll Security Group - larger firm, does lots of high-profile projects in US and internationally.

Guidepost Solutions Technology Group - Growing firm, has acquired several smaller firms in recent years.

C.H. Guernsey - old-time architectural/engineering firm with security consulting division.

Aggleton Associates - NYC area

Security By Design - San Francisco Bay Area - lots of bleeding edge, high technology projects

Catalyst Consulting Group - Also in Bay Area

Security Risk Management Consultants - highly respected firm in Ohio, lots of higher education and hospital projects

Ducibella Venter & Santore - venerable old firm with lots of high-profile clients

Professional Systems Engineering

TransSystems - multi-discipline engineering firm with security division

MSB Security Consulting

HMA Consulting

Newcomb Boyd

Business Protection Specialists

Michael, awesome, thanks!

So you are not going to include yourself? :) Seriously, though, you do such RFPs regularly.

Elert & Associates - MN, TX, FL, SC, IL, WI - Independent technology and security consulting firm.

Comm Tech Design - Rockford, MI

Communications by Design - Ada, MI

Those were two that we worked with that were the best in West Michigan, imho of course :)

TPS Consult UK You may wish also wish to check out the ASC Association of Security Consultants as they deliver indipendant advice on such matters

Butchko Security Solutions. Houston and Denver. Quality folks...

A NYC integrator recommended Ducibella Venter & Santore (DVS) as a good consultant in the area.

Vanderweil Engineers | Great one out of Boston

I would add Biagi, Chance, Cummins, London, Titzer, Inc. (BCCLT) to the list. We are a long time MEP/T Consulting Engineering Company with a dedicated technology group. We perform security assessments, design and prepare Electronic Security and Safety RFPs and provide other Technology related consulting services. We mainly serve Education, Healthcare and Government clients. I am the contact for the technology group.


Tom Sorrell

I just noticed that this needs to be updated.  I'm with Technology Solutions at CMTA, Inc now -


Tom Sorrell

Thanks for the update, Tom. Are you still serving the same verticals?

Yes... thanks for that clarification.  I just hadn't checked this page lately.


COMBS Consulting Group is an independent IT and Physical Security design and consulting firm.

As an independent IT and Physical Security design and consulting firm, COMBS Consulting Group has no direct affiliations or agreements to represent any manufacturers, vendors or service providers. Rather than focusing on manufacturer or vendor specific solutions, we offer our clients objective assessments, designs and evaluations based on their true requirements.

COMBS Consulting Group works diligently to stay abreast of industry standards, best practices and emerging technologies through formal training, seminars and education offered through organizations such as ASIS, BICSI, CEFPI and USGBC. Additionally, we continually invest in new design technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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My name is Stephen Bukoski. I recently became partners with David Saywer of Safer Places this past May. Our company is a security consulting firm located in the Boston area. I myself have been in the industry since 1990 working as a project engineer at Simplex for 12 years and spending the next 12 years working as both an account executive and manager of engineering for a Boston based security integrator. Although I have written many specifications with my previous employers, I prefer using statistics based on Safer Places' performance. We have generated over twenty-five (25) specification since May of 2013. These specifications have foused around mid to large sized IP based surveillance systems, video analytics and access control systems.

Our website is

I look forward to being a part of the IPVM community.


Was this list ever completed?

No, mainly because we did not feel we got enough responses to put together some formal list. We'd like to but not sure how to do a list that is anywhere complete / authoritative.

Check Ray Coulomb @ 

He hosts an annual event for active spec writing security consultants and his splash page has a banner that shows the following which is backed up on his web page listings.  I'd say that's a list. 

Nick DeKeyzer @ Exante360


They are a more holistic approach to low voltage.   He was a part of Guidepost before opening his own shop. 

Did this list get completed?