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What Is The Market Growth For Analog And IP Cameras In 2015?

looking for any information on the market growth for Analog/IP cameras in 2015..,thanks.

Are you looking overall? For a specific region?

Are you looking for units? Or revenue?

Looking for United States broken down between analog and Ip if possible?

And revenue please.

For analog (SD) in the US, I expect a ~15% decline year over year. Not only is their price pressure within analog SD, with analog HD emerging and lower cost IP more widely available, the pressure on analog SD is going to be intense.

For IP in the US, I expect a 15 - 20% increase year over year. Rationale is that large scale projects have mostly already flipped and that analog HD will start to cut into low end of the market sales.

In terms of revenue, all cameras in the US are somewhere in the range of one to two billion.

The wild card is how fast analog HD (TVI, CVI, AHD, etc.) grows. I could see $100 million in the US in camera sales next year and that would mostly take away from both analog SD and IP.