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Manufacturers Of Vehicle Gate Barriers

Who are the prominent manufacturers of gate barriers and access systems for vehicles?

Hello, Taher:

Here are a few gate operator companies you'll find are widely used in the US, and likely ship globally:

All these companies provide a range of operators depending on project specifics. (Type of gate/arm, control linkage, electric utility, backup power, etc)

As far as 'access systems', most commercial access control platforms can be adopted for use at gates with little problem.

Do you have a specific application in mind?

Also, for background on gate types, the relative pros/cons of each type, & design considerations of those options, check our "Security Gates Tutorial" piece for more detail. (Credit to: Michael Silva)

Hi Brian, Thanks for the info.

We need a barrier arm gate of 6 meters with access control and intercom for a warehousing site.

Is the barrier arm covering two lanes of vehicle traffic, or one?

It is one lane. Large vehicles / trailers do enter the premise regularly.

A 6m barrier arm is fairly long. It's not that they don't exist in that length, but it does take a beefy operator to handle moving the arm, especially at significant speed. The manufacturers above should be able to help you calculate the best arm material (fiberglass, plastic, wood) to use, and what type of traverse speed to expect.

Also, long barrier arms break fairly regularly. Whether it's wind, ice, or crazy drivers, they get snapped. In terms of security practicality, only the law abiding are stopped by barrier arms. High security sites typically employ guys with guns in combination with barrier arms, or there are sections of fence that are moved in lieu of a swinging arm.

Because you also bring up intercoms, I assume this entrance will not be staffed, so 'barrier' physicality may be a big factor.

Automatic Systems - access control - international website

This is a really great company i found last year during a Pre Con Meeting on a DOT project .

Im not sure this is what your looking for but there are about 4 really great companys like this one.


I will contact the local distributor to find out.