Manufacturers, How LinkedIn Ads Are Working For Us

Manufacturers, if you are curious about making social media advertisement work for you, check out our recent success on a LinkedIn Campaign.

Here's the ad:

It shows on the LinkedIn home page amongst regular news items and, as the image shows, people can like it and comment on it.

We've gotten nearly 15,000 total impressions in a week:

Paid impressions give a big boost to organic ones as likes from paid views trigger more organic displays. For example, a non ad IPVM LinkedIn post gets a few hundred impressions, this has gotten over 4,000, in addition to 10k paid ones.

Here are the settings for the campaign:

I was able to finely target only people in security or IT that have IP cameras listed as a skill.


For nearly 15,000 impressions and 250+ clicks back to IPVM, we have paid just $210 so far.

$210 is nothing, especially compared to running trade magazine advertisements for thousands.

This is good information - thanks!