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Management Server/Master Server Capacity??


We are using Nextiva master server/management server and it is having issue with 450 camears. But Verint is claiming that it will work for 2000 cameras. the issue is basically the cleint takes a lot of time to pull live/recorded video and even it hangs sometimes. When asked Verint is telling that it is a resource crunch on the master hardware but the load on that is not going more than 20%. Please let me know if you are aware of any such issue. the DB is SQL enterprise and the platform is Marathon/citrix on VM.

What does the network utilization look like on the machine? on the switch?

This is certainly not normal behavior as video call up should be snappy and responsive. Of course this depends on how the system is configured and the network infrastructure that it is installed on. I suggest that you contact Verint support or provide us an email where we can contact you.

A server can be CPU bound, I/O bound, or network bound. You'll need to minitor all three to track down (or rule out) inadequate resources on the server.

Since you say it's running in a VM you'll need to make sure there are not other VMs on the machine that are stealing resources. If you're not the server hardware administrator you'll need to pull them in as well. Your VM may be reporting low utilization of resources--but that could just be from the perspective of your VM. It could be those hardware resources are being consumed from another VM that your VM doesn't have visibility into.