Courses / Certifications On Networking?

Is IPVM going to have any courses on switches? If not, can a good souce be recommended?


What do you want to learn specifically?

If you are looking for switch recommendations for surveillance applications, see our Favorite Network Switches for Surveillance 2015.

For training and videos on setting up a managed switch, see: IP Network Setup Guide for Surveillance.

I would like to get Certified on Cisco switches. This would open the door even further for various career opportunities. I thought I would toss the idea out to you guys and get your feed back. I would like to remain in the Security industy but IT is another option.


Any direction would be helpfull.

Which Cisco certification? They pretty quickly get very niche / specialized so you might be learning things you never use unless you know you are going to a Cisco shop.

For a broader, less vendor locked-in cert, consider Network+. It does not have the same 'brand' as Cisco, but it does cover a lot of material a good networking tech / engineer should know.

I bought a complete set a few years ago (on dvd) for about 1500, which included all of the microsoft, cisco, and comp tia courses. Instruction was much better than the microsoft courses I took at a local college (1500 per class).

You purchase this through Edulearn. Whole kit 1300 for two years.