Making Money Selling Masks, Like Fever Cameras But For Your Face

In-depth article on selling masks: Vistaprint, Gap, and Etsy Sellers Pivoted to Making Masks. What Happens When the Bubble Pops? | Marker

One notable quote:

Boosted by mask searches — Gap brands come up high in the Google Shopping results for “face masks” — masks were key in driving Gap’s massive surge in online sales, which were up 95% in the second quarter, accounting for 50% of all the company’s sales. Seventeen percent of Gap’s 3.5 million new customers this year bought a mask, and the company had 165% more new customers than in 2019. More than T-shirts, more than jeans, more than, well, anything, masks are now Gap’s bestselling item.

Though, like fever cameras, vendors see declines coming:

Even without any clear end of the coronavirus in sight, demand for fabric face masks is already beginning to subside. By now, everyone who’s going to get a mask already has at least half a dozen. Even some Etsy sellers are starting to see mask sales decline.

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