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Make CCTV Compulsory In Slaughter Houses.

I see a call on the UK government to make CCTV Compulsory in slaughter houses following a hidden camera exposure showing the needless cruelty to the animals. slaughterhousecctv

Good idea or not?

"Government" + "compulsory" = $$$ for integrators. So, yes, I guess it's a good idea. :D

Worthwhile? I don't know. I know we get some customers here in California (which is the nation's leading dairy producer, BTW) in the dairy industry who are most interested in CCTV in order to ensure the employees aren't mistreating the animals. So the idea is not without precedent.

I think I understand the desired effect they are going for by making them install cameras, however I am not a fan of the government implementing that rule on private businesses... fines and criminal punishment if they are breaking the law would be enough for an owner to want to install cameras...

If they made the CCTV information public, that might make it really interesting. I can see the screams of animal rights activists, especially of Halal foods.