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Make A Virtue Of Necessity - ISC East

Just got an email blast telling me why I should attend ISC East:

The 2-day event, taking place November 19-20 at the Javits Center North, is an intimate gathering that’s accessible and manageable, but still a powerhouse in delivering the latest trends and topics. It’s just the right size for networking and education and is easy to navigate. ISC East 2014 is your all-in-one place for everything security.

Translation: we're small, but that's a good thing!

Honestly, whoever wrote this email deserves some kind of prize.

Of course, I'll be at ISC this year, as I am almost every year. Wave and say hello if you see me!

They are now billing it as the "Largest Annual Northeast U.S. Security Convention", which is true but is quite a step down from its West counterpart.

Unfortunately, I can't beg, borrow or beat Ethan into attending, even though he's less than 2 hours away.

ISC East is good if you're an integrator who wants face time with vendors who are there. Or if you missed one of the big shows and want to see what's new in person without finding your own demos.

For new announcements and anything really of interest aside from the above: NOPE.

Also the Javits Center is so run down and so expensive to repair I expect that one day it'll simply cave in on me while I'm there, so I avoid it.

I actually like ISC East the best... I dont need to see 45 different options of smoke machines, taser guns and 347 guard rental companies. Granted there are very little "new" products, but how many are there at any of the other shows? On top of it being in NYC, which personally I prefer over Vegas any day of the week (YMMV), its a winner. I probably won't go this year due to family obligations, but I look forward to next year's show.

The show date always confuses me... it always seems to be planned the week before Thanksgiving in the US, a major travel holiday.

While those in the region NYC maybe could attend by driving in, most everyone else will have to fly in, book hotels, and really try to keep costs/ time investment down with a major holiday coming hot on the heels of the show. Aren't most people working extra office hours and keeping spending lean with the holiday time-off approaching?

It just seems like bumping ISCE up three or four weeks might help attendance.

@Ethan The roof might leak at a little, but should not cave in, they just spent 400 million on it.

@Brian, People in NYC wouldn't drive in to NYC even if they could... As for yourself, did you consider maybe boarding an Amtrak a few stops before Michael, to get ahead of the crush? Just leave Mon. morning and arrive fresh Wednesday night! :)

^ I take the train into the city Brian. I'll be at ISC East. Does IPVM need a new columnist to do a write up since nobody from IPVM itself will be attending? My Galaxy S5 takes really nice pics ;)