Major Exacq Rep Switches To Milestone

As soon as Tyco acquired Exacq, rumors and debate commenced about what would happened to their manufacturer representative firms, given Tyco's existing rep firms for their own products and typical changes after acquisitions.

Late in 2013, when Milestone started to use manufacturer reps, after releasing their own NVR appliance line, it was inevitable that they would target firms representing Exacq.

Now, Milestone has landed one of the more well known Exacq firms, and one of the strongest in Latin America, LAR.

This comes hot on the heels of Milestone adding one of OnSSI's strongest rep firms in the US.

With only a handful of strong rep firms, this is somewhat of a 'zero-sum' game where manufacturers win at the expense of their rivals.

The big questions now are:

  • Who does Milestone get next?
  • How badly will this impact Exacq? Can Exacq keep their existing reps from going to Milestone?