Maintenance Schedule For Video And Access Control

Not sure if this subject already exists. I have been looking for a good framework for maintenance plan for both Access control and CCTV.

A maintenance plan should include a calendar schedule and list of actions by equipment type.

Is there a recommended set of maintenance items that show service intervals and details of what is checked. Something like a Car users manual stating what is done at the 10K, 30K, 60K miles.

To date all I get from installers or integrators is an offering of service tiers, but they have not provided what exactly they will do. Example "we will come on site 2 times per year and check everything" That does not tell me a lot other than I will pay for someone to walk around my facility and at the end of the day make me sign a piece of paper that they were there.

I am surprised that no matrix exists as a baseline, or does it? There has to be some form of industry guidelines/recommendations. Shouldn't there?

I am not familiar with a baseline matrix, not even as an example from an access manufacturer or VMS company. If anyone has an example to share, we'd appreciate it!

For access alone, this maintenance plan can grow quite detailed fast. For example:

  • Adjust door/frame alignment
  • Confirm proper latching of mechanical door hardware into frame
  • Check leaf or lites (windows) for cracks or damage
  • Confirm hinge alignment/closer function (if applicable)
  • Confirm alignment and function of vertical rods (if applicable)
  • Confirm UL door rating has current inspection (if applicable)
  • Confirm no binding or grinding or backset issues on electric strikes
  • Confirm bond and clean separation between armature/maglock magnet
  • Function check of all RTE devices
  • Check Fire Alarm overrides of door locks
  • Check Reader mounting alignment
  • Confirm Reader functions (read range, keypad buttons are clean/working, LEDs & Beepers work)
  • Check Door Position Switches for function/alignment
  • Check mechanical key lock function

This is just off the top of my head, and there are likely double points for just one typical door.

With that said, it is worth putting together detailed checklists for both video and access, and if anyone wants to add to this thread, I'll assemble everything into a single list per system for future reference.

That can be enhanced to include columns which show maintenance intervals such as monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually etc depending on what is appropriate.

For camera systems I expect simple checks like:

  • Focus
  • Cleaning of camera
  • Cleaning of housings
  • Verification of mounting brackets and condition
  • Verification of wall or roof contact points for mounts.
  • Verification of cable condition

If the underlying VMS OS is an embedded Linux, you have few options except to apply available OS or Firmware updates that address critical updates, and possibly new features.

With a windows based VMS, it can be more important to apply updates more frequently. An embedded W7E system, or a system that has been TWEAKED and few services, might be less critical.

As a Service Provider, we do almost all of this with Management Tools, and automatically. The VMS we support has frequent feature updates, so we parse these to determine if these are applicable. We also provide 24x7 health monitoring, and alerting.....

I'd look for something more pro-active, as a scheduled visit might be too late to detect failed RAID drive.

Yes agree and some more points:

  • is there a software maintenance plan on VMS
  • is the VMS patched appropriately as necessary against cyber risks
  • are pro-active notifications available for VMS against hardware failures
  • verify camera firmware updated appropriately against cyber risks

Adding to the PACS side. Very important:

  • Check and replace any onboard batteries (those that store ROM based configurations on controllers)
  • Check and replace per schedule batteries on backup power supplies
  • Check for signs of overheating in Control Cabinets