Mag Daddy UL Listings On J-Hooks

[Note: In our previous report about MagDaddy, several commenters expressed concern that their local inspectors and other AHJs would allow magnetic j hooks for cable support. This UL certification attempts to address concerns an AHJ might have.]

We have recently received a UL listing on our JH12MT, JH21MT, JH32MT and MAG4TF. They are approved as a "positioning device" under ANSI/UL 1565. Our j-hooks come fully assembled so the entire unit is UL listed. The MAG4TF is the 90# magnet that affixes to our some of our other products as well.They have a load rating of 90# when attached to a 3 mm thick beam. The temperature rating is 572 degrees. The UL website will soon be upgraded to include a "Limited Support" approval which will extend the uses to fiber optic tubing and non flexible conduit. This will help with some of the inspectors out there who are hesitant to approve Mag Daddy. They are also approved for indoor/outdoor uses.

For more information you can go to click online directory, type in Mag Daddy and click link to file.

If you go to you can view all of our products as well as cut sheets.

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