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Looking For Information On Macroscop


Does anybody know company called Macroscop (CCTV software) and have any experience working with them? They contacted us looking for partnership but don't have clue whether they are legit. Looks like they are from Russia. How good is their software?


[Update 2018: Eocortex / Macroscop VMS Company Profile]

[Update 2018: Eocortex / Macroscop VMS Company Profile]

We do not have much on Macroscop. They are from Russia and they have negligible presence in North America and not evidently much in Western Europe. That does not mean they are good or bad, just we do not interact or see them much.

However, evidently they won a $15 million contract / system not too long ago.

Macroscop contacted us 2 years ago and here is the pitch they led with:

1. Up to 4 times cost reduction on harware
2. Search by pattern/ interception by signs (colour of cloths, height, size, place in the frame etc)

We did not follow up as up until you, no one has ever asked about them.

Thank you for sharing.

I was contacted recently by the company.

Have done preliminary tests with VMS software & it appears to work very well.

Have been impressed with simple configuration & user operation, camera compatibility & costs.

Analytics options as yet untested.

Not sure they have a proper plan to market.

Think they just need to sign a proper disty in each region to start to see traction, instead of aiming at online purchase.

Is there any more Macrosop experience?

We consider these vms but would like to know others experience with this.

We are in the Netherlands using Macroscop VCA video analytics for projects till 40-50 meter. I must say it is triggered part in our cloud-based secure VPN. intrusion is ok. licence price is not that high. in addition, we are using a special filtering service.