Macros Programming Language Maxpronet

I am trying to modify system macros on a Honeywell System Matrix that has MaxproNET software managing it. I'm trying to find out what language it's written in. I'm assuming Honeywell didn't create it.....Like most things, they either bought it, or it existed and they used it. An example is: [@4=@M]$M@4=T1{%+1:[*M@4=NO ALARM DISPLAYED]}

Does anyone know where I can obtain reference materials for this language? Who first manufactured the hardware/software for what Honeywell uses now? VideoBlox Matrix

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Probably Northern Computers

Maybe this?

The macro language used in the MaxproNET was taken from the analogue matrix it was based on called Maxpro. It is indeed unique to Honeywell and although it looks like a Linux or Net BSD based language it is a specific command set for the matrix system. I have not used the latest version of the NET but I imagine from the example text you have shown that it has not deviated much from the original syntax.

First stop is to contact Honeywell support to acquire manuals, etc. I am very familiar with the guys that have developed and supported the Maxpro products so if you hit a dead end give me a shout back through this forum.