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Very Serious Issue, Lost Video On Mace DVR

Good Day,

I have a very serious issue with our Mace DVR system. The DVR's are scheduled to reboot everyday at 12 noon. On the 24th they rebooted at 2357hrs. They did not come back online until 1203hrs. When they came back online they re-configured the time to P.M. and changed the date to the 25th instead of 12A.M. Then at 12 noon they rebooted as scheduled. Since the DVR's were set to 12AM they also changed the date to 26th. The problem is some very critical footage is needed that happened at 2315 on the 25th. The Mace VMS for that time shows footage 1115 on the 25th. The problem was caught by the tech and the time and date was sync on what the DVR thinks is 2100 on the 26th. If a review is conducted the correct footage can not be located. The dvr's are now recording correctly with the proper date & time. But I must have this footage. My question is that sine the times are overlapping where would the file be stored? Is there some type of dump file created for duplicate dated footage. The DVR's have 3 hard drives in them and they record in sequence HD1,HD2,HD3. When 3 is full it goes back to 1 and begins writting again. Perhaps there is some type of Windows file editor that I could use to extract the footage. Any help would be appreciated.

Belvie, sorry about the problem!

What does Mace say? Can they help?

This is a low level enough question that they should know best (hopefully, considering that box is likely a Chinese re-label).

Thanks John. It was actually your re-label comment that made the light bulb come on. I stumble upon a similar issue with a cheap Chinese dvr and they were able to solve the problem by logging in directly to the dvr. Which fortunately for me this solution also works on a Mace dvr.

Thanks again and keep up the great work that is done here at IPVM ;)

Just remember, what was a cheap DVR is now a high-end American machine through the magic of labelling!

Glad I could help.

My experience with Mace is that they've got good, knowledgable support. Give them a call at 954.585.6223 during regular business hours.

Thanks, Ari.

Belvie, please share what you hear.

Does your tech know how to create a image copy of the drives at the OS level? The DVR might have to be offline during this. Once you have a copy you can proceed to analyze the timestamps of the files on the copied drive directly thru the OS, without worrying about them being overwritten.

Ask Mace first. Maybe they have an online way of doing it.

Well image copy of the hard drives was not successful . However the comment about the Mace dvr being re branded did help. If you access the dvr thru a web browser using its ip you can see duplicate time stamps that you do not see through the vms or dvr. The files can then be downloaded . Thanks to everyone for helping sometimes a little feedback is all you need to find a solution . Very lucky as this data was critical.

Ari is a stud! Bordering on hero status.

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Agreed. Ari is a video surveillance BEAST!