Mac OS Compatible VMS Clients

What VMSes have clients that will run directly on the Mac OS?

I know ExacqVision Client, Hikvision IVMS-4200, and Digital Watchdog offer Mac OS Clients.

Does any one know of any others?

IPConfigure's VMS (Orchid and ESM) user interfaces are browser based/MAC compatible.

Dahua can run up to one(1) channel of its web service on a Mac.

Dahua also offers a Mac version of it's CMS, PSS and Smart PSS

Avigilon has their HTML5 client which runs on Macs.

FLIR Cloud MAC (CMS). Almost identical to PC.

FLIR employee posting

Does it have to be good or just run on Mac?

MOBOTIX has a macOS VMS/Client that is identical to their Windows version.

The new Hanwha WAVE has a Mac Client. In addition, if you are trying to stay away from the Windows side, there is a Linux Server as well as Client versions.

It allows for a 100% Windows-free VMS deployment.

(Hanwha Employee)

IPConfigure Orchid VMS supports a MAC client while supporting either Linux and Windows for the backend.

Ksenos VMS has all three (Mac, Win and Linux) both Client and Server.

(Ksenos, CEO)

Pekka, thanks! Interesting to see that you have Mac server support. I am curious - was it particularly hard to add and was there specific verticals or customers that you saw benefiting from a Mac server version?

John, it has been in Ksenos for years now. No particular reason, just made same time with two other ones (Win and Linux). I think it's not widely used though.