LTS NVR With POS Recording

I am wanting to get into POS Recording using LTS DVR/NVRs. Has anyone done it? I have found various videos and pdfs around the net but not much info on the actual POS side of things. Does it only work with certain POS brands or is it open to any POS manufacturer. I assume serial to IP converters on POS printer ports and an extra network point at the POS is required?

Thanks in Advance...

Since LTS OEMs Hikvision, I would assume it's the same, e.g., POS Overlay--->Encoder--->Hikvision NVR?

The LTS guide even mentions the same model numbers, see their instructions. It looks like you will need to know how the data inputted is structured to correctly parse it:

The first link John gave also includes a video from LTS on how to set their DVR up correctly to capture POS.

Thanks for the responses the DVR side of things seems to be covered its more with the POS side of the setup as to what exactly is required there.

I too have been looking for almost a year for information on specifically how to integrate with a Micros 3700 system. Not even LTS has been able to give me information on it, even though someone must have done it, as its listed on the confirmed compatibility list.

You need to get your hands on a LTAH103C. It is the RS232 Serial Com port to Ethernet TCP/IP converter. Ive tested it and it works.

Yes we have looked at it and tried a number of others but the LTS POS only appears to handle just straight text output from the register but most POS these days has all sorts of formatting and control characters that need to be stripped out. We use a LavaTap converter with Milestone with its POS integration and it works brilliantly as Milestones has the ability to edit out all the control chars but it appears LTS only handles just straight text. Unless we are missing something???

Do you have a POS config screen like this? Its not much to look at but it does appear to let you ignore characters by hex value.

Yes I have seen that but can't get my head around it. It seems very limited. Do you have any samples.

Yes I have seen that but can't get my head around it. It seems very limited. Do you have any samples.

Most likely you need to know the exact control characters to filter and their hexadecimal representation.

Maybe this converter can help?