LTS / Hikvision OEM Now Selling On Walmart

Check it out here.

LTS is one of the biggest and most commonly used Hikvision OEMs, now they have announced their products are for sale at Walmart.

Good thing? Bad thing? Thoughts?

Not good

Agreed, not good, but better than ALL the money going straight to China via Aliexpress.

This just is what it is, a growing trend. No different than Hik or Dahua in Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy and so on via other OEMs.

Each one of those Walmart listings shows

  • Sold & Shipped by Zoro

This is Zoro... looks like they are a large distributor of tools, electronics and lots of other stuff... including surveillance gear.

Also, notice their (ironic) tag line in the logo...

They have a CCTV page, which shows (bottom left) which companies' stuff they sell - including LTS.

Also, notice their (ironic) tag line in the logo...

Raised -> Razed

I found it quite humorous. I never knew they were a Hikvision OEM.

Comparing the prices (walmart vs LTS direct), not really a bad news, yet.

However, one can bid it will start Rolling ......

So your pricing direct from LTS allows you to still sell your products to customers at pricing comparable to Walmart's?

Does Walmart offer install/service/maintenance?


Yes it does. On the one camera I checked, we get it for $70 less

I find that terrible. For them to be a household brand and sell directly to end users means I will not purchase their products for installation anymore. There is no brand protection for my customer installs. I will probably boycott them.

LTS remains unhappy with us (me).

LTS emailed, "we hope that this false statement of 'announcing' our products on can be dismissed from IPVM" and "We, as LTS, have no relationship or idea who Zoro is."

This is strange because I explained to LTS prior to the above response that:

(1) an LTS employee did email an announcement about being for sale on Wal-Mart, which they acknowledged occured

(2) I told them repeatedly that Zoro is Grainger and they even responded in between that "As for Grainger, they’re an authorized dealer for LTS." If anyone can help explain to LTS that Grainger, their authorized dealer, is selling it through their subsidiary Zoro who is listing it in Walmart, I would be grateful. I tried to do that but it evidently was not understood.

"We, as LTS, have no relationship or idea who Zoro is."

That's what you call willful ignorance. Grainger is very clear that they have a division for single channel online business called Zoro. It's in the prospectus, for crying out loud. To quote page 17 of their 2015 Fact Book, "Leveraging lessons and know-how from Japan and from Grainger’s U.S. business, Zoro was launched in the United States in 2011. Headquartered outside Chicago, this business is aimed at the roughly $85 billion small and medium-sized customer market in the United States. The competitive pricing, broad product offering and simplified transactions appeal to smaller customers. Zoro also offers an easy-to-use website and convenient payment options."