LPR Question - Axis Or Bosch With Milestone LPR

hi folks,

We have a client that is requesting a LPR system and I thought it would be great to get your guys feedback. Here is the information on the site, and then further down are the two cameras i'm considering

- The location is unfortunately very dark. We pushed them to add exterior lighting but that is not going through.

- High LPR accuracy is needed because we want it to trigger a gate opening if it's an employee. Around 400-500 Employees

- The biggest problem: It's not a single lane wide, it's around two lanes wide, maybe around 16' that we need to capture plates from. I really want to avoid purchasing and using two LPR cameras if any way possible.

- We can capture anywhere from 5-100FT from the camera. The further out they are the faster the cars will be going as they are approaching the gate.

The cameras that I am considering:

Axis Q1604 with a Fujinon 15-50mm lens, and an Axis T90B30 IR Illuminator


Bosch Dinion Capture IP 5000, 23 FT

Which do you guys think will better fit the project? Am I missing anything? I'm not worried about the hardware to open the gate, as that will be phase two of the project. We're planning on using Milestone LPR for the VMS.

We've tested Milestone LPR here.

Why the Q1604, it's a fine camera for its day (tested here) but it's only 720p and discontinued now.

Given that you want to cover 16' wide and that Milestone "gives PPF guidelines of 130 PPF minimum for US plates, and 180 PPF for Euro-style plates", you probably are safer with a quality modern 3MP or higher camera.

Also, you might be interested in our 4K LPC test.

Thank you John. What camera would you recommend for the job? I'm really starting to like the Raytec PoE Illuminators as well. Seems like a much cleaner installation.

#1, LPR in such a scenario is tricky and I do not know enough to confidently recommend specific cameras.

However, Axis did provide some general model recommendations for LPR:

  • Q1765-LE (with built-in IR)
  • Q1615-E Mk II (no built-in IR)
  • Q3617-VE (6MP but no built-in IR and limited focal length range)

If you really want to do 2 lanes with a single camera, I do think the Q3617-E (with an external Raytec illuminator) is safer than the 1080p versions given the pixel requirements of Milestone LPR. That said, both Axis and I myself cannot validate / verify how that will work with 2 lanes in your scenario.

John has posted some good recommendations. I haven't used Raytech commercially but I enjoyed setting one of their white light illuminators in the lab. Felt like good kit. And BRIGHT!!

Anyway, what I wanted to mention was the multi-lane concept. XProtect LPR does not have a concept of "lanes" but can be configured to return one or more plates per frame analyzed.

If you need to discern between I coming and outgoing vehicles, and you can only have one physical camera in place, you can potentially configure an Axis camera (depending on model) with two different "view areas" which will appear in Milestone like two different cameras, each with a subset of the overall view from the full frame. Those "cameras" can then be configured independently in LPR, in case you want to fire off different events based on entry/exit for example.

Thank you Joshua. That would also require an additional LPR device license if we decided to create two view areas on an Axis cam, is that correct?

I remember Milestone LPR used to have a way of defining the direction of travel in LPR but I can't seem to find that option available anymore -- Was it removed?

Yes it would require an additional license for LPR, but not for the VMS.

I'm not aware of an option to define direction of travel having ever been available, but you can define the area of interest such that only the area of the image covering the incoming lane is analyzed if that is all that is needed.

Thank you Joshua! I appreciate your feedback and help.