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LPR Camera For QNAP DVR?


I read your review of LPR cameras and concluded that the Geovision unit was just the ticket. Unfortunately, Geovision cameras are not supported by QNAP. Any recommendations on the best LPR camera for use with QNAP? Thanks! Chad.


QNAP is listed as ONVIF Profile S conformant.

Geovision LPC camera is listed as ONVIF profile S conformant.

Have you considered integrating via ONVIF?

It's not guaranteed but if both are Profile S, probably is over 75% it will work.

Disclosure: I am a manufacturer's rep Do these guys have two versions of their cameras, one ONVIF, one proprietary? Have used the Geo LPR with good results...once we confirmed the camera was ONVIF. Make sure camera is ONVIF, had great success with it when used ONVIF, had another incident with the same model but LAN IP address kept "rolling". It enrolled itself in software as multiple different IPs. But ONVIF unit was solid. Model #: GV-HYBRID LPR 10R