Any Suggestions On How To Reliably Use LPR At A Manned Gate?

We have a client who wants to use LPR's at an apartment community with a manned gate/guardhouse. The LPR system would tell them if the tag was on a whitelist, blacklist, etc.

Today while walking the property, I saw several cars backed up, and my concern is the cars will get too close to the car in front, and block the view of the tag camera. The tag camera would be on a pole off to the side.

There is a lot of work here in adding gate arms, widening the road so a guard shack can be placed in the middle, pulling power etc. Our gate company will do most of this work. So it should be possible to lay everything out as needed.

Any suggestions on how to capture tags or prevent cars from getting so close they block the car in front? I thought about using an overhead structure but it would have to be pretty high to allow box trucks, etc through. What about a sallyport style system, where they have to go through two arms?

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