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Lowering MP In Camera Software

I have had multiple suppliers tell me for an outside parking lot type application to take a higher MP camera (i.e. 3MP) and "dumb it down to 2MP to enhance the WDR of the camera. My question is why not just purchase a 2MP camera or am I maybe not fully understanding what they are suggesting?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
I've already been beaten to the punch by Ethan and Sean! I will add that 5MP cameras typically do not support true WDR (e.g., multiple exposure) while HD cameras frequently do. You'd be much better off getting a true 1080p/3MP WDR camera than a 5MP, regardless of what resolution you choose. Background - WDR tutorial WDR Tutorial 2013
Chris, yeah as Ethan stated and proved, this is just stupid information from uninformed people. There's so much more to WDR than even just the sensor (processing, lens, dynamic gain control, etc), but for them to try to even pass that off as a good idea is flat out infuriating. At least you know of a place to come ask questions and get clarification, I wonder how many people they have passed that on to who weren't smart enough to at least question it.
Also, this was the same on every camera I tested it with.
Hi Chris, my gut feeling was that lowering resolution would do nothing, and I just happened to be testing six WDR cameras today, so I took two minutes and did a couple comparison shots. Here's a 3MP camera running at 3MP: Here's the same camera running at 1.3MP: WDR is more dependent on the sensor than anything, so I'm not sure what they believe reducing resolution would do. You're just as well off running a 3MP camera at 3MP.