Low Temperature Lens (Process Recording)

Hi All,

I have a client that wants to record their industrial process. The issue is that the temperature of the process may eventually get down to -100C (-148F) and, to no one's surprise, things tend to get brittle and break at super low temps.

Does anyone know of any lenses, preferably pinhole, that are rated for a low temperature? It does not have to be -100C, but anything below -20C or -40C would be a good start.

Just the lens, or the camera as well?

Just the lens, the process is somewhat on the small side.

Is a heater on the lens out of the question?

Are you looking for a C/CS mount lens? M-mount?

Whats the temperature range? Is the lens going to go from +30 to -100C?

1/4" sensor? 1/2"? I'm guessing you're looking for something in the 3mm range?

I have no ides off the top of my head, but if you can provide a few more details I can look through some of the catalogs I have from lens companies and see if there is anything even close as a lead.

Hi Brian,

No specifics, I thought I would get a lens that can handle the cold and go from there.

The process will go from room temperature (+20C) down to -100C (potentially, process is not complete yet).

I don't think I've seen a lens go below -60C.


For -100C, that sounds like something you'd need specially made/ordered. You should also take into account how fast the temperature is dropping. I'd imagine something going from room temperature to extremely low temps too fast is probably going to destroy most lenses regardless of their described resistances.

I didn't think about the temperature change over time... that is something that we may have to test out as I doubt most vendors test for it specifically.

The cameras that are on the camera finder have heaters built-in, I wonder if anything exists for that low of temperature.