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Power Loss Corrupted Video On SD Card?

Any one hear of this one???

"Loss of power corrupting the video files on the SD card....Engineers are looking for a device that would send a CGI command for the camera to shutdown. "

Have you have any experience with this?

yes. this is becoming a major technical support issue worldwide...

When you interrup any live recording you need to format your sd card.

Also ....when you want to access teh SD card but forgot you setup some motion or tampering.... when you access the camera you generate yourself the move and remove the card while recording ... oups missed again

Let's add that SD card are not crypted so they are very easy to steal especially on small office cameras.. Any countries where footage are supposed to be password protected to protect privacy... Oups

"When you interrupt any live recording you need to format your sd card."

So you are saying 100% of the time on any camera?

Yes that's what most installers are discovering whatever the brand is and whatever the SD spec are ( XC, HC..)

I've interrupted live recording / hard power loss a number of Axis cameras storing to an SD card and never needed to reformat. Thoughts?

you need to put some UPS on your POE Switches to prevent any power surges or micro cuts and need to disable motion detec before trying to remove manually your SD card

For Axis : should depend on the way file are stored I imagine. But the last file should be corruped as well

There is a basic issue that you did not adress. When a CPU writes on a storage medium, and during this writing phase the power gets cut, you will inevitably get an indexing problem in the file system. After starting up, the CPU has not indexd this recording and you can't find it back. There is nothing you can work around that. UPS is a way out, but that one also will disappear after a certain time ;-)