Lora - Long Range WAN For Security

LoRa is hot for IoT devices. Does anyone know if the security industry would have any use of the technology? It only supports extremely low data rate. (0.3kbps to 50kbps)

I do not see any video surveillance manufactures on the Lora Alliance Member list.

Thanks for sharing. I have not heard of any video surveillance companies promote it yet.

Given the low bit rates but fairly long ranges (claims of 1km to 2km), I could see it for access control. Brian?

btw, here is LoRa's overview video:

I agree with you 100%, John. It would be very interesting to see how the technology will be adopted in access control.

It makes sense for connecting long range access points if the price is low enough per point to beat traditional (higher throughput, but typically shorter range) wireless methods.

1km - 2km range is certainly impressive. But even incremental access events can exceed 50 kb/s (6.25 KB/s). If data can be structured to send over a period of a few seconds, then there could be some niche applications that make sense.

In the video, they mention networked sensors can be buried. That would be an interesting perimeter intrusion security application.

Found this LoRa gateway for $800-$1000.