Lopsided ONVIF Profile G Support - ~2,000 Cameras Vs 6 VMSes

We are updating some of our reporting covering ONVIF adoption, in particular Profile G, which is for storage / recorded video (see ONVIF Tutorial 2017 for tech details).

One positive, one negative trend:

- Positive side is that 2,000+ devices (mostly cameras) now are ONVIF Profile G conformant (by contrast 8,000+ support Profile S which is the basics for streaming / video). 2,000+ is still quite good.

- Negative side is that only 6 VMSes are Profile G conformant (including Alphafinity, Axxon, Genetec, Hymatom, Verint and Videonectics) so not a lot of options to use Profile G cameras with. However, 4 of the 6 VMSes were added this year, so that's a mildly positive offsetting side.

Source: ONVIF Conformant Product Search.

Related, for those who want to see Profile G in action, see our ONVIF Profile G Video Storage Test.

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