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Kid Rock Could Use Higher Quality Surveillance Equipment

Reported on CNN:

A man who tried to break into musician Kid Rock's Michigan home was in custody Saturday after tips led to his arrest, authorities said

The 43-year-old suspect, whose name was not released, used his Ford van to force open the property gate July 31, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office said. Security cameras caught him ramming the van through the gate and attempting to break into a building on the property.

Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, posted images from the security camera footage on his website, showing the van and the man -- who was on crutches -- on his Independence Township property.

"Thank God I was not on the property at the time of this attempted break in," he wrote in a post on his site. "I am an avid hunter and marksman and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives. I take the invasion of my personal space very seriously regardless of who you are."

Ritchie asked anyone with information to contact the sheriff's office and offered a $5,000 reward for tips leading to the man's arrest.

Luis, not long enough ago. It will never be long enough to clear him from my memory.

Don't these celebrities hire security specialists to protect them and their property? If I were Kid Rock, I would be asking for some money back.

When was his last hit? When was his last record? Cut the man a break.

Two things stand out in this article.

First. The statement Kid Rock makes about taking his security personally is not any indicator of what he really takes seriously. For all we know, that was a statement which he or his press people manufactured to act as a deterrent; whether true or not.

Second, each one of those images appear to be enlargements of the original images. Because of that, I say they are not neccesarily of the quality that was original to the system. The van image has the wide angle distortion characteristics but only on the right side so I think it was cropped. The other two appear to be 2 different frames from the same camera, but the images we see were cropped from the larger original view. If these were enlarged, cropped and then compressed...well I can see a result that would appear like this.

So, could he use better equpment? Maybe...can you really trust images from the press? Perhaps there were better images from more covert cameras and publishing those images would give away their locations. These could just be from obviously overt cameras which are meant to serve as a deterrent while other devices do more high quality work. This sort of thing is comon in some markets.

Then again...Occam's razor, and you know the rest.

Thank goodness for moronic criminals. They keep us in business and business is good. With a steadily increasing supply of them, we should continue to see blurry idiots for years and years.

Hmmm. Maybe that will be the title of my next blog post...Blurry Idiots.

I don't think we'll ever know how his surveillance system was selected but the video speaks for itself - Costco analog kit quality

Do you know for certain he was not involved? He says in the article "I take the invasion of my personal space very seriously regardless of who you are."

Sounds like someone who takes security pretty seriously so maybe he was involved.

Do you think Kid Rock really was involved in selecting a surveillance system? It's probably a Costco special.

Did not say the system is a failure...just saying for a guy with Kid Rock's budget I would expect better, no?

The video quality is poor but they got the guy anyway, so mission accomplished, no?