Looking For Someone Local In Michigan For About 14 Properties

We have an upcoming project in Michigan. We will need 14 properties wired up with up to 15 cameras each. They will all be on one building, with some interior and some exterior cameras. We are trying to decide if it is worth it for us to send our crews out there or find someone local. Do you know anyone local who may be interested in the project?

What area of Michigan? We are from Toledo, OH, which is on the southeast border of Michigan.

In a few cities, I am not sure how close they are to each other. Some of them are

Dearborn Heights
Oak Park

Those are all Detroit burbs. All within 1 to 1.5 hour drives. Some of those are rougher areas. Some of the northern and western burbs are nicer. I have a client with locations in Ann Arbor, Canton, Detroit, and Las Vegas. I don't service the Vegas location (a decision I sometimes regret).

I drove further than most of these locations to visit the ADI Expo. :(

Sounds like you might make it to McNasty's after all...

I am with the Integrated Solution Division with Protection One and assist our branches nationally with design and proposal development. We have an office in Detroit and I can assist with site surveys and proposals for each site out of our Detroit branch. Please let me know if you would like to discuss your projects and the project timelines.

David Dablemont



Hello David,

We are EZ Technology, we have been in the low voltage, network solutions field for over 10 years. We would be glad to touch base with you to get a better understanding on your projects.


Eli Kahn

Sales@ez.technology (no dot com)