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Looking For Pan And Tilt Unit For Megapixel Camera


Very briefly I am looking for a pan & tilt unit, which can support a HD-SDI camera. The weight of the camera is 12kg.

Any recomendations or references are greatly appriciated.

That sort of thing used to be pretty common but, so far as I know, no one has built anything like that for a long time.

Something like this Undisclosed:


Here are some Pan-Tilt Positioners to look at:

Moog Quickset

2B (Denmark)

12 kilograms? That's over 26 pounds - one hefty camera. Did you mean 1.2kg?

Anyway, Pelco still makes pan/tilt positioners. Take a look at the Pelco Legacy Series Positioners. You will also need a power zoom lens if you want that capability. Here's a link to their Spec Sheet. You will also need to specify a Legacy Receiver and choose between fixed and variable speed, which pan/tilt you need (PT780-xxx) and any accessories. Control would likely be via RS422 using Pelco 'D' protocol.