Looking For Outdoor Finger Print Reader

Any recommendations for a reliable outdoor finger print reader. Area is under cover from rain and snow looking for something that will work reliable in the cold of the 0 degree winters.

I would recommend weatherproof units from Suprema that work in cold climates. They perform well and look great. They are available at ADI in North America.


Do you have an idea of how many users will need to scan back-to-back?

Also, is blowing dust a problem, or is the air fairly clean?

Less than 75 users. Not really in need of a complete solution Just the reader.

No dust this is an office invironment.

Thank You

Any suggestions from someone other than a company representative?

I m not into

In addition to the Suprema already mentioned (which you can buy at many places) you can also consider a Bioscrypt/Morpho product like the 4G V-Flex Lite. Around $500-$700 depending on features needed.

Hi Keith,

I don't represent any biometric line. I was just giving you my suggestion having dealt with Suprema on a number of large jobs.

Good luck.

Not sounding good. Anyone with a good "reliable" experience around? My go to distributor wont even sell me their offering. They told me its not worth jeopardizing our relationship.

Retina Scanner????? LOL

Looking forward to hearing from an installer/ integrator/ end user

I've used the Morpho 520+ readers and they have been ok but we have had some moisture ingress issues with a few, so would recommend applying additional sealant and not merely relying on the manufacturers provision.

We've used the Suprema on an outdoor application here in Canada. No issues at all to my knowledge.

Suprema's outdoor units are quite good. We sold a hundred or so when we were repping them a few years ago and we didn't have any major issues.

i even have one outdoors to open my garage door (in Montreal no less)

I have a similar need and looked for a while. Check out the IdentyTech fingerprint scanner and their palm vein reader. Both work outdoors, but the palm reader cannot work in bright sunlight, so that's anegative. Their FP reader used the Lumidigm sensor that HID is using...reads the veins in the finger

Keith, you really may want to look at the MorphoTrak product lines. I have seen them installed outside of football practice facilities with minimal cover and working reliably. Ping me directly and I will give you a contact at an integrator/distributor who can provide more information to you.

Robert, you need to disclose you are from Morpho. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt you assumed readers knew you were from Morpho but the way you framed the comment could lead people to believe you are just some random person who had 'seen them installed'.

John, OK. I guessed that my email address and profile made that pretty obvious. I'll put a disclaimer in next time.

Robert, for privacy, we never publicly display member's email addresses. Also, you have not set up a public link / profile (Display Your Personal/Company URL When Commenting). Even if you did, you still need to disclose up front.

Check out ZKAccess inBio. Like the first response, we used them on a project, they were specified, I had never heard of the company before and it worked amazingly well. We used their complete system, their inBIO controllers, the FR1200 reader, free software etc. and their other products as well. Their literature shows drops of water on the reader and it is very inexpensive.

suprema biolite.net readers are usually great for such requirements. we have several installs where the devices operate well during the rainy season where tempratures sometimes drop below 0.

we have several installs using suprema's biolite.net readers. they work really well in cold climates where temprature at times drop below 0 and goes as high as 50C.

Integrated Biometrics have some pretty cool tech. http://www.integratedbiometrics.com/

all fingerprint readers will give some problems even in best conditions. you might find another biometric more reliable. If you have not seen the Techsphere hand vascular map readers, you should take a look. there have been some times when price kept us from using MorphoTrac, but we should have pushed them harder. My opinion is that for fingerprints, they are the top.

I've heard some good things about ievo

I am from Suprema.

Thank you to Undisclosed Manufacturers, Undisclosed Integrator, Undisclosed and Mark for your positive comments on Suprema. Voice of Customer is what matters and that is why I believe your voice is stronger than mine. As a way to say thank you, I have tagged your posts "Agreed" and "Informative" so you can have a discount next year for your renewed IPVM subscription ^^

The thing is that you guys shall all check the new BioEntry W2 => Here

The industry standard for outdoor products has became IP65 but W2 has been granted the higher IP67 rate.

You shall not fully trust me because I am on the manufacturer side. But I am passionate about my job and rightfulness is important to me. I am testing Suprema products as well as competitor products on a monthly basis. Extensive test with databases, bad fingers, fake fingers.

I can tell you that W2 is a must have/install/sell. It allows once to store in device 100,000 users with one fingerprint and thanks to the powerful processor inside (a quad-core), it is ultra fast and secure. Supports also a multiClass version (HID Prox, EM, Mifare/DesFire, HID iClass SE and SEOS all in a same product). It comes at a very competitive price (yet not cheap, but that's the price for security/quality) and has Fake fingerprint detection as well as a fingerprint proximity sensor. It is vandal resistant with IK08 certification.

Plus you get it working with Wiegand or OSDP 2.1.6 (still some improvements to come for better compatibility with some controllers)

You can inquire here. Give us a quick description of your project and we will redirect you to the best vendor depending on where/who you are. 12h reply on weekdays.