Looking For Long Distance Surveillance Camera

Hi everybody

I am looking for some long distance surveillance cameras ( 3 to 5 kilometers) with wide angle view. Are there anyone using these product please share me your experience. Thank you so much


I have used them in past when I was working in middleeast for several applications from City surveillance to Military and Industrial applications. Its would be a rugged & quality product for your requirement.


You say, "long distance surveillance cameras ( 3 to 5 kilometers) with wide angle view"

How wide angle? How much detail do you want? You want to know if a car is there? Do you want to read a license plate? Is thermal ok or?

Cohu is certainly one specialist in that space. There are others, depending on what you need?

Hi Quang,

Best Western hotel uses our CMHR6123DWA HDTVI 2.1MP long range varifocal lens cameras. They have fairly large parking lots and with the Matrix IR, they're able to see the lot quite clearly without too much noise.

Best Western Hotel

LTS offers a 2.1MP HDTVI long range camera with motorized varifocal lens (5-50mm), Matrix IR, True WDR, UL Listed, and IP66. This camera offers dual voltage and CVBS output. Many of our customers find this solution to be cost effective and flexible to integrate into existing analog solutions. Varifocal lens lets you adjust angle as wide as you need with up to 330ft night vision. http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/platinum-hdtvi-bullet-camera-cmhr6123dwa.html

They have fairly large parking lots...

3-5 kilometers large?